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Our goal- We strive to develop the tourism field in Israel while creating a more inviting and exciting atmosphere in Israel’s major cities. We love the challenge in finding connections between technology, cities and tours as we aim at keep innovating in an ever changing market.

Our Activities - As of today we run, segway tours, culinary tours and bike rentals. Since 2013 we run the visitors center of the new First Station shopping center in the heart of Jerusalem. You can find their A number of different bikes for kids and adults for rent as well as a unique and modern souvenir shop. We run one combined call center to ensure the highest level of service and efficiency to our customers. During 2015 we launched our smart bike system. Aimed at supplying hotels with a much higher standard of bike service, we continue to pioneer this field in Israel.

Our clients - These include the biggest companies and organizations in Israel as well as local and incoming tourists. We are proud to have more than 500,000 happy customers over the years…We strive to always improve our services as we hope to create an unforgettable experience for the many visitors of the beautiful cities of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Our service - At Smart Tour Israel we take pride in our high standard of customer service. We strive to give personal attention to every one of our customers from the first inquiry until the end of your tour. We believe that our amazing tour, outstanding guides and great emphasis on the well being of our customers will help make your experience with us a great one!

Our guides - The guides on our tours are trained professionals. Each and every one of them was carefully chosen and trained to be certified segway tour leaders. The knowledgeable and courteous guides will enrich your tour by fascinating explanations about the historic city, as well as up to date stories and current affairs. In addition to being engaging tour guides our staff is trained to be safety inspectors that tag along to each tour and oversee all safety issues and hazards throughout your experience.