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We have compiled the following list of suggested organizations and initiatives to support and for ways to make a difference, right now, during the war in Israel.

The events of October 7 and after have impacted so many people's lives and these projects are responding in the most impactful way, amongst many others:

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HIBUKI - helping Israeli kids deal with trauma

SWORDS OF IRON - provide food, clothing, showers and support for thousands of Israeli soldiers on a daily basis

GRILL FOR IDF and THE FUN TRUCK- sponsor a BBQ for IDF soldiers

contribute towards the rebuilding of Kibbutz Be'eri

KFAR AZA FOUNDATION - contribute towards the rebuilding of Kibbutz Kfar Aza

PRAY FOR A WOUNDED SOLDIER - pray for wounded IDF soldiers

PETITION THE RED CROSS to demand visits
with hostages to confirm they are alive and well treated. 

MAGEN DAVID ADOM - Israel's national emergency response organization 

UNITED HATZALAH - nationwide emergency response organization

SHAARE ZEDEK MEDICAL CENTER - treating wounded soldiers and victims of terror attacks

NITZOTZOT - Sparks: Bringing Light Out of Darkness - provides educational activities for displaced Israeli evacuee children

ZAKA - Israel's search and rescue and body recovery unit

COLEL CHABAD - distributing food packages to soldiers and civilians throughout Israel

JGive in partnership with Rav Yosef Tzvi Rimon - Sulamot provides financial and emotional support to IDF reserves 

AFIKIM - helping Disadvantaged children from the South of Israel

Shmirah Project - learn for a 15 Minute slot as part of a 24/7 Shmirah Project

If you have a project that you want to be featured here, please contact us on info@nucampaign.org