Send a message of unity, resilience and hope to an IDF soldier and evacuee citizen to lift their spirit, boost morale and show your support!

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Unite Now For Israel’s Soldiers, The Hostages & All Of Am Yisrael!

Our hearts are aching from the Oct 7th tragedy in Israel. To unite and support our soldiers and survivors, we've launched the ”One Nation, One Heart" or עם אחד בלב אחד Campaign! It’s a message of unity, resilience, strength and hope! Your donations will provide dryfit shirts (basic need) straight to IDF soldiers, survivors and Israeli’s spreading this message of unity. Let's lift our spirits, move forward and win this war together. Join us now, Am Yisrael Chai!

Buy One, Give One To An IDF Soldier

For every shirt you buy, we give a matching shirt to an IDF soldier and/or evacuee from the North and South of Israel, to lift their spirits and morale and show them that we stand behind them!

על כל חולצה שאתם קונים, אנו נותנים חולצה תואמת לחייל/ת צה"ל או מפונה מהדרון וצפון כדי להגיד להם תודה ולהגיד להם שאנחנו עומדים מאחוריהם

High Quality, Blue & Green Dri-Fit Shirts/Basic Necessity for Soldiers

Buy One, Give One…………….………$18
International Shipping

Buy Two, Give Two (onward)…….…$36
International Shipping

Buy 50 & More…………………..$14/Shirt
International Shipping

Hoodies for the winter!

Order In Bulk For Your Community

Empower your school, community, business, family or other to take a stand for Israel by buying shirts at special bulk rate 

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העצים את בית הספר, הקהילה, העסק, המשפחה או אחר שלך לנקוט עמדה עבור ישראל על ידי קניית חולצות בכמות

להזמנות בארץ שלחו מייל:

Now that I bought the shirt, what else can I do to help!?

  1. Sponsor a BBQ for IDF soldiers
  2. Host an event in your home or community to support evacuees
  3. Sponsor a drop-off of shirts for evacuees at a hotel in Israel
  4. Place a banner on your home or street
  5. Share the campaign on your social networks
  6. Become an Ambassador and take a wider role in the campaign!!

Donate Shirts To IDF Soldiers

Sponsor Shirts to Evacuees From The North and South of Israel

Place a Banner on Your Home

Volunteer to Help Evacuee Families

Prepare Food For IDF Soldiers

Host a Community Or Private Event For Evacuees

Rally For Israel In Your City

Engage Local Businesses To Spread The Message

Host A BBQ For IDF Soldiers

Bring Them Home Now! Unite as One Nation With One Heart!

As of now there are at least 245 people being held hostage by Hamas. Amongst them babies, children, women, the elderly, the disabled and men.