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Inspiring Family Fun in Jerusalem

Fun in Jerusalem inspires family fun. We are dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date information about activities, attractions, events and FUN for families in the Jerusalem area. Tourists and English-speaking Israelis can easily find reliable information that will inspire them to enjoy Jerusalem with their families. Fun in Jerusalem is owned and managed by Joanna Shebson, a mother of three who made Aliyah with her husband in 2007 from Los Angeles. What started out as a mommy blog has turned into a successful and dynamic tourism website, but Joanna still checks out the events, attractions and services so she can recommend those that she really believes you and your children will enjoy. Her advice includes the latest scoop on what to do, when to go, what age it is for, how to get there, what’s nearby, how much it costs and all the information you need to have fun.

During these challenging times where you are not able to visit Jerusalem, we created this series of merchandising to offer you a way to connect with the city and DREAM together - of hopefully coming back really soon!!