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Join a global community of creators and ambassadors for important charitable causes!

Our Story
Since 2009, we have connected with thousands of people worldwide, empowering them to become goodwill ambassadors for important Israeli and global charitable causes, through our T-shirt and apparel brand. People often ask us why we print the story on the inside of the shirt by the heart and not on the outside...and for us the answer is obvious: in a world of mass-media messaging and advertising we want to connect the "individual" to the story and empower them to become the story-teller- because for us people matter!
How It Works?
Take-part in a social-innovation workshop in your start-up, school or organization & create awesome apparel for a charitable cause that matters to you. We bring your campaign to life and create an online page with your design and story. You share it with your friends and networks and when done, we send the shirts to your supporters and the money raised to you!
Bring NU to your Community
If you are far away from us, request the workshop outline and we will send it to you (by email) and train your team (on skype) on how to implement the workshop in your community. We provide all back-end support and include an international design and supply service for your T-shirts and apparel.

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